The wonders around Page, Arizona

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     Earlier this month, I attended the Page Photo Summit in the town of Page, which is in far northern Arizona. There are many geological wonders in this area of southern Utah and northern Arizona, and it is among some of the most remote areas in the lower 48. 

     First, I did a couple of hikes in the southern part of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. Here, I started a hike in the dark up a desert wash so that I could reach the Wahweap Hoodoos at first light. 

WahweapTowersofSilenceWahweapTowersofSilence WahweapHoodoosVertWahweapHoodoosVert

     On the way back to my car, I would come up to a hoodoo that lined up with a setting moon in the morning sky. 


     I would also come across some interesting mud cracks and formations along the dry wash.  


     Next, it was on to Lee's Ferry, Arizona. This is where a lot of the rafters begin their trip to enter The Grand Canyon. However, I came here to hike...and hike UPHILL I did. I climbed the trail from the Colorado River about 1500 vertical feet in less than 2 miles.  It was a slow climb through all the switchbacks and then a short segment of off-trail navigation.  The reward was to see a view of a bend in the Colorado River that view people get to see. This view is almost as good as the now world famous Horseshoe Bend near Page. It is not quite a horseshoe, but it is a nice bend in the river with a lot of solitude.  I do love that feeling of photographing some subjects that rarely get photographed, unlike Horseshoe Bend that is photographed hundreds of times in a day. This image was taken by a drone to safely photograph from the edge of the cliff.  


      Another great to fly a drone is the colorful Paria badlands in southern Utah. 


     A trip to Page, Arizona would not be complete with a visit to a couple of slot canyons. I visited the world famous Upper Antelope Canyon... 


...and the lesser known Waterhole Canyon, both are just outside of the town of Page, Arizona. 



     Not only can you see some great light bouncing off the walls, but you can also see some some neat tumbleweeds that wind up next to the sand and rock walls in these slot canyons. 


     The Southwest is also a great place to see the brilliant sunrises and sunsets. 

NavajoMountainDawnNavajoMountainDawn NavajoMountainGlowNavajoMountainGlow

Here you can see the pre-sunrise color looking toward Navajo Mountain and Tower Butte. 


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