Fall Colors of the Upper Buffalo Wilderness

November 03, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Cloudland Fall ColorsCloudland Fall Colors

Between October 27 and November 2, I spent some time at my cabin overlooking the Upper Buffalo Wilderness in Arkansas.  Overall, the fall colors were better and more on schedule that the unusually warm fall we saw last year. One of my favorite images was what you see above. Something that I have been getting more into is shooting landscapes with a telephoto zoom lens.  This image above was shot at 335mm back on the morning of October 27th. 

On the afternoon of October 27th, there was quite a bit of high cloud cover.  With my background in meteorology, I tend to follow the weather a lot and try to use it to my advantage when it comes to photography. That afternoon, I looked at the satellite image showing some clearing taking place to the west out in Oklahoma. To me, it looked like the timing was going to be right for enough clearing on the western horizon for sunlight to hit the remaining high clouds overhead at sunset.  So I headed to Hawksbill Crag to try to capture this.  You can see that the was some nice pink light in the clouds. 

Hawksbill Crag is likely the most photographed natural feature in Arkansas, but yet I felt like I needed to add to my portfolio of this great spot. You can purchase these photos above on my Autumn in Arkansas page here

November 1st was a gloomy day filled with dense fog all day on the mountain tops. This discourages some people from getting outside, but to me this is a great time to do forest photography. Below are a few examples of usual mundane forest scenes that can change from ordinary to extraordinary with fog. 



On the morning of November 2nd, the fog began to lift and the surroundings could once again be seen.  Now back to civilization and my hometown of Fayetteville. 



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