R.I.P. Old Tree

April 19, 2020  •  1 Comment


     Last week, this old tree near Atkins, Arkansas fell victim to a storm. I only photographed this lone, old tree a couple of times...once in daytime and once at night. I do know some other photographers in the state who has photographed this dozens, if not over a hundred times. It was one of the most photographed individual trees in the state. Personally, I preferred the look of this tree at night with its emphasis on its shape in the form of a silhouette. I am sharing you my favorite image of this tree with the Milky Way.  This picture was taken in July of last year shortly after the Arkansas River flooded last year so there was a lot of mud and standing water still leftover from the recent flood. With all that moisture on the ground, one of the most memorable things about the shoot was all the mosquitos biting me while I was trying to take those pictures. Rest in peace old tree. 


Oh my God, one of the most beautiful trees of the city has been broken due to heavy wind storms. I am extremely sad to know this news because I have visited http://www.assignmenthelper.com.au/assignment-writers-australia/ site and spent a lot of time under the shade of this tree in last few summers.
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