A Hike To Hare Mountain

May 08, 2020  •  2 Comments

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     I haven't done quite as much photography this spring as I have most spring seasons. Part of that has to do with limiting my time away from home with some of the quarantine measures.  Some trails are closed while others are open. One trail that remains open is the Ozark Highlands Trail, which is a long distance backpacking trail that passes through some of the most remote and scenic portions of the Boston Mountains. One of my bucket list items is to see the entire trail from Lake Fort Smith to the lower part of the Buffalo River. I have done about 1/2 of this, mostly in the form of bite sized dayhikes.  It is a good place to escape to in a time like this, as every time I go I see no people or no more than a few people on a hike with many times seeing no people this time. This time, I only saw 2 other hikers on my way to Hare Mountain in the Ozark National Forest. Located in northern Franklin County, it is the highest point on the Ozark Highlands Trail.  


     On my hike this week, I found one of the more prolific displays of wildflowers that I have seen in the Ozarks.  I believe that all the flowers pictured here are phlox. 

HareMtnPhlox1x1HareMtnPhlox1x1 HareMtnPhlox4x5HareMtnPhlox4x5


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Truly, I am feeling the fragrance of these colorful flowers. Today, weather is also very good here in my city and watching these flowers put icing on the cake. Now, I am planning to go to a nearby part where such flowers are awaiting me to provide me relaxation and fresh breath with full of fragrance.
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