A visit to Theodore Roosevelt National Park

May 31, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Earlier this month, I made my first visit to Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  Located in the western part of North Dakota, it is one of the least known of the national parks in the lower 48.  I honestly had not even heard about this place until a few years ago when it was featured on CBS Sunday Morning. In that feature, it mentioned that President Roosevelt frequently visited and hunted this part of the country and this helped to inspire his vision of protecting our land.  I heard about it again last year when a couple of other photographers said it is the 2nd best national park to view wildlife, behind Yellowstone.  I haven't been to every national park, but this seemed to live up to expectations. This is among some of the highest concentrations of bison you can find. 

Not only was there was bison, but there were also feral horses.  

While the wildlife is the highlight of visiting Theodore Roosevelt, the landscapes are also really nice. The park contains landscapes of grassland plains, rolling hills, badlands and hoodoos.  


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