The Waterfalls of Fall

November 03, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Glory B FallsGlory B Falls

We are close to the peak for fall foliage season here in Northwest Arkansas. However, it seems like it has been a below average year for color in the Ozarks. I think this is because of several reasons.  We had a hotter than average September...followed by a very wet October.  In fact, my hometown of Fayetteville set a record for the most rain ever recorded in October. An early light freeze back on October 12th with a harder freeze and temperatures in the 20s around Halloween didn't help either. Even though the color seems a little dull this year, there was one thing going positive this month and that was the amount of waterfalls flowing. So I decided to use it to my advantage and focus on waterfalls this season. Although the widespread color has been lacking this season, there was still some pockets of nice color in spots. 



The pictures above are from Eden Falls at Lost Valley near Ponca and Triple Falls near Jasper. Below are an assortment of my other favorites from other lesser known waterfalls in Northwest Arkansas. I guess it turns out that I like to take verticals when it comes to waterfalls!

Devils EyebrowDevils Eyebrow    Hideout Hollow Falls in OctoberHideout Hollow Falls in October

HideoutHollowOct19HideoutHollowOct19   IndianCreekOct19IndianCreekOct19

AmberFallsOct19AmberFallsOct19 BroadwaterHollowFallsOct19BroadwaterHollowFallsOct19

Paige Falls OctoberPaige Falls October BroadwaterHollowOct19BroadwaterHollowOct19


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