Adventures in the Wind River Mountains of Wyoming

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In August, I headed to the Wind River Range of Wyoming for the first time. Located in the central part of the state, it doesn't get as much attention or visitation as Grand Teton or Yellowstone National Parks, but the scenery is still spectacular.  Part of the reason is the lack of roads going through this mountain range and the rather lengthy hikes to get into the Popo Agie Wilderness (pronounced po-PO-zsha). 

Popo Agie River WyomingPopo Agie River Wyoming

To speed up the time to get deep into this wilderness, I rode on a horse provided by Diamond 4 Ranch.  It was a lengthy ride from the ranch to our camp...about 14 miles one way. Although a horseback ride provides less wear and tear on my body than it would by if I backpacked (and the pack mules carried the camping and camera gear!). However, after being on a horse for 14 miles, I was left with very sore thighs and knees once I was off the horse.  Thankfully, I was able to walk off the pain within an hour once I was off the horse.  


The view below is of the group of mountains known as The Cirque Of The Towers. Despite all the effort it takes to get to Popo Agie Wilderness, it was a great experience the beauty of the Wind River Range of Wyoming. 

Cirque Of The Towers WyomingCirque Of The Towers Wyoming PopoAgieAug24PMWebPopoAgieAug24PMWeb PopoAgieAug25AMPopoAgieAug25AM


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