The Southern New England Coast

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Earlier this month, I returned from Massachusetts and Rhode Island. It was the first out of the region travel I had done since COVID-19. While I did take my camera, it was more of a vacation with my wife than a photography centered trip. Most of these pictures were captured early in the morning while my wife slept in. 

Below are 4 pictures taken from the island of Martha's Vineyard. 

MarthasVineyardPondMarthasVineyardPond GayHeadLightGayHeadLight AquinnahDawnAquinnahDawn AquinnahSunset2AquinnahSunset2


Next, it was on to another sister island off the coast of Cape Cod...Nantucket. 

WauwinetChairsWauwinetChairs SconsetBluffWalkSconsetBluffWalk


The landscape of New England is perhaps best known for its numerous lighthouses. These lighthouses at Cape Cod and Nantucket were cloaked in dense fog. 

HighlandLighthouseHighlandLighthouse BrantPointLighthouseBrantPointLighthouse

Rhode Island was not on our original itinerary. However, with Coronavirus out-of-state travel restrictions still in place for Maine, we decided to instead spend some time in Rhode Island. We were pleasantly surprised and especially liked the small island of Block Island. Until recently, I never saw any pictures from Block Island. It is a popular destination for people that live in Rhode Island, but it doesn't get much attention to people outside of New England. I found its coastline to be quite scenic and its beauty underrated. 

MonheganBluffs20_____Monhegan_Bluffs_____Monhegan_BluffsMonheganBluffs20_____Monhegan_Bluffs_____Monhegan_Bluffs BlackRockBeach20bBlackRockBeach20b BlackRockBeach20baBlackRockBeach20ba MonheganBluffsVert20MonheganBluffsVert20


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